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    In chloride system, copper will be the forms of Cu2+, CuCl+, CuCl3-, CuCl42-, when copper is leaching by oximes solvent, usually copper ions enter organic phase in the form of Cu2+, CuCl+. The experimental results show that when the concentration of chloride ion is not higher than 70 g/L, the extraction rate of copper will be not changed.
    When the content of chloride ion in the system is higher than 70 g/L, will has large amount complex anion formation, it can reduce the ability of extraction system. Chlorine will be happened in the electrolytic tank; Chloride ions have adverse effect for the crystal growth of cathode copper, affect the cathode copper’s color and stripping. The allowed upper limit concentration of chlorine ion in the electrolyte system is 40-50 mg/L, it will be beneficial for the deposition of cathode copper, when the content of chloride ion is 20-25 mg/L in the electrolyte system.
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