Unsaponifiable mixed extraction solvent extraction and separation of rare earth new technology study

     Research and development of non-saponified P204 and P507 mixed extraction system in a medium mixing sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid extraction and separation of rare earth new technology, and successfully applied to the extraction and separation process transformation Baotou mixed rare earth rare earth ore obtained sulfuric acid solution, which simplifies the original process eliminate ammonia wastewater pollution of the environment, reducing the consumption of chemical materials to improve the separation of rare earths.
     The first time the stripping and washing one technology in P204-P507-H2SO4 system, a high concentration of europium, samarium, gadolinium chloride stripping solution instead of 1N sulfuric acid as a lotion, eliminating the wash acid preparation step, to achieve a non-saponification extraction agent extracted packet separating rare earth elements in a high concentration of sulfuric acid mixed solution of rare earth and rare earth chloride, the organic phase load of rare earth concentration greatly improved, so that stripping solution of rare earth concentration is increased to 75%, 45% lower than the acid. Non-mixed saponification extraction agent extraction of rare earth separation packet of new technology, the transformation of the annual output of 4000 tons of rare earth chloride production lines, and achieve stable production of rare earth recoveries greater than 98%; rare earth chloride to produce one ton of chemical material cost ratio of ammonium bicarbonate precipitation Transition France reduced by 20%, resulting in a good economic benefits.

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