Rare metals extraction agent made high-end spend

       Extract rare metals must use hydrometallurgical technology includes extraction process, the extraction agent is one of the most important raw material. At present, the domestic extraction agent commonly used in long-term dependence on imports, the price is expensive. In the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University, led by Professor Wu Yundong, Lanzhou Institute of Separation Science, Peking University, State Key Joint Laboratory of Rare Earth and other units to carry out scientific and technological research and development with a metal dissolution and extraction purification technology separation technology independent intellectual property rights, so that our lean ore smelting and refining high-purity metal to catch up with the advanced countries.
       In the process of smelting copper, the copper ore leach solution containing iron and other impurities, in order to improve the quality of copper, copper and iron needs to be separated. In addition, the concentration of the leach solution of copper oxide ore is very low, enrichment required before electrowinning copper. Copper extraction agent is the service in both tasks, play a connecting role in the smelting process. Therefore, efficient copper extraction agent has been a hot topic around the world. In developed copper extraction agent, hydroxamic extractant most striking, and it has been widely used in hydrometallurgy.

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