DZ-Ni-EX01 & DZ-Ni-EX02

  • DZ-Ni-EX01

    CAS: 83411-71-6

  • DZ-Ni-EX02

    59344-62-6 & 298-07-7

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Appearance Colorless or faint yellow liquid
Density (25) 0.92-0.93
Viscosity (50) 40cP
Water solubility 40mg/L
Boiling point 350°C
Flash point 100°C
Phase separation 60s

Appearance Faint yellow liquid
Density (25) 0.91-0.93
Viscosity (20) 45cP
Melting point 30
Boiling point 270°C
Flash point 60-129°C
Phase separation 60s
Vapor pressure (20) 0.02kpa

DZ-Ni-EX-01 is mainly used for leaching the impurity metals of Cobalt, Manganese, Copper, Zinc and others from Laterite-Nickel ore, the loss of leaching Nickel is small, the exacted quantity of Calcium and Mangnesium ion is little, will not be able to make precipitation to stop the equipment running in the working process.

DZ-Ni-EX-02 is used for exacting the PLS of DZ-Ni-EX-01, to extract the Nickel ion and a little Calcium Magnesium ion, through washing process to get high purity Nickel sulfate. 

The extraction pH isotherm that exacting Ni, Ca, Mg ion by DZ-Ni-EX-02 in No. 260 solvent oil.

Dissolution and stability:
DZ-Ni-EX-02 must be used under pH6.2, the acidity of enrichment strip extraction should be kept below 180g/L. The extraction agent can keep stable and low water solubility.

Pachage and storage:
200kg plastic barrel or 1000L IBC tank. The product must be tightly closed and stored in a cool, dry place, can't be stored with oxidant products.

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