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    Research and development of high-performance copper extraction agent

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    The project products are divided into two types of acidic and alkaline copper extraction agent. Currently acidic β- diketones copper extraction agent has done a small test to provide customers with trial, the effect is better than similar domestic products and foreign imports. Products are mainly used to extract low grade copper smelting, mining tailings, circuit board etching fluid, plating waste, waste circuit board recycling industries copper. In certain situations, but also as uranium extraction agent, zinc and other metals.


    Through structural innovation, product has excellent extraction selectivity, high extraction capacity, high extraction rate, good performance and low extractable concentration (0.1%).

    Through technology innovation, the product has a longer life cycle, much better than similar domestic products, imported products close, reduce the customer's cost.

    Reasonable ratio of additives to improve the stability of the product, reduce liquid entrainment, reducing the loss of extraction solvent use.

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