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          Sample preparation: refers to your target sample provided by chemical and physical means, it can be processed into a state analysis of large equipment, including drying, purification, extraction, filtration, distillation, centrifugation and other treatment methods.
          Spectra verification: a sample after the pretreatment, large-scale instrumental analysis, combined with pattern matching database, combined with industry experience analysis engineers to obtain the target sample of what each component is accounted for on the basis of how much formula system.
          When the organic phase copper extraction proton exchange with the aqueous phase, the copper is extracted into the organic phase, whereas the proton into the aqueous phase added acid leach consumed, as shown in the following reaction formula:

          Extraction raffinate returns. Stripping the reverse reaction is extracted, the aqueous phase is returned copper extraction agent to obtain a proton from the aqueous phase, restore acid structure, return acetate. Electrolytic copper concentration of the raffinate stripping for increased acidity reduce become rich electrolyte return electrowinning. So that the whole process remains substantially acid consumption and generation balance.

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