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Jinchuan Coup copper industry co., ltd

They have two sets of copper extraction system, the raw material of one system is heterogenite, the raw material of another system is flue ash. Original use modified aldoxime extraction reagent, then change to our DZ988N, the operation is stabilized.

At beginning, because the temperature of lixivium is higher, heat was transferred to back extraction process by organic phase, so the extraction reagent is hydrolyzed badly. As our suggestion to adjust the process, the temperature of lixivium had been reduced, the heat of lixivium is recycled, also had saved their cost.

Shandong Humon smelting co., ltd

They have two sets of copper leaching system, one of the raw material is copper gold concentrate ore, another raw material is copper smelting flue ash. Normally use LIX984H, there is not any service, then change to our DZ988N, the running is well till now.

At beginning we suggested to adjust the process of organic phase base on user’s requirement, and analyzes the content of the active components of organic phase and the percentage of each component. Later inspect the organic phase occasionally according to customer’s requirements, and propose reasonable improvement suggestion.

Hubei new material co., ltd

Use the raw material of heterogenite and intermediate, original use modified aldoxime extraction reagent, extractant consume too much, phase separation is difficult.

As our suggestion to shunt the electrolyte and optimize the washing process, effectively control the manganese ion was taken into the electricity system, ensure the organic phase operation stably.

Zhejiang environmental protection technology co., LTD

Use electroplating sludge as raw material, the lixivium is complex. By our help, solved the leaching problems that in cause of antioxidant and organics in the lixivium.
Help customer to analyze the condition of lixivium, according to the situation of lixivium, help customer to improve and optimize the process, solved the follow-up questions in extraction reagent using process that in cause of the complex lixivium.

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